Review Template

I score the games I play based on various categories and use a /10 scoring system, with .5 numbers for the overall score.


Game Mechanics: The gameplay mechanics of the game. Self-explanatory.

Controls: The control scheme of the game.

Story: The story of the game, of course.

Music & Sound: The game's aural presentation.

Visuals: The game's graphical presentation.

Localization: The game's translation and how well it was adapted to English.

Replay Value: The game's lasting appeal.


1 - Abysmal: Has absolutely no redeeming aspects, and could not possibly be worse.

2 - Terrible: Maybe the idea was kind of good, the player might accidentally have fun, and/or there may be one small redeeming aspect, but generally a weak effort.

3 - Bad: Generally a lousy effort, but some aspects are average or slightly enjoyable.

4 - Poor: An admirable effort, but still falls short.

5 - Mediocre: Neither good nor bad.

6 - Fair: Okay, but not for everyone.

7 - Good: Fun, maybe slightly replayable, but may have some serious flaws preventing it from being as good as it could have been.

8 - Great: Very fun, but maybe has one major serious flaw preventing it from truly excelling.

9 - Excellent: Negligible flaws, but very, very good.

10 - Perfect: Could not possibly be any better.

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