Pokémon LeafGreen Version

The Game Freak-developed and Nintendo-published Pokémon franchise initiated a tradition with each of its generations to have two different versions with minute differences, namely which specific monsters they can capture, although this reviewer didn’t see much of a difference going into ** Pokémon LeafGreen Version** after finishing the FireRed incarnation, although the experience with both transmigrations has made him a slightly better gamer, in spite of their flaws.

Those who have played FireRed will undoubtedly be familiar with the basic game mechanics, with a Rochambeau formula of weakness that adds a significant layer of strategy to combat in terms of elemental strengths and weaknesses, with specific monsters sometimes being the difference between victory and defeat, especially late in the game. The developers, as with FireRed, could have definitely sped battles way up, but the gameplay is one of the main draws.

The game interface is also the same, with decent menus and a save-anywhere feature, although direction on how to advance can be terrible, and getting helpful items such as the VS Seeker, which allows for rematches with trainers strewn through the region, are easily overlooked.

As in FireRed, plot is the low point, hardly being a driving factor. The dialogue and localization are also the same, with odd expressions such as “Smell ya!” from the protagonist’s rival.

The music is still of low quality, and the simplistic graphics are average at best.

Finally, with a little assistance from a guide that led to training a Pokémon that could withstand most of the endgame Elite Four’s monsters, this reviewer could make it through in the two-to-three-day range, with plentiful replay value in capturing all monsters.

Overall, those who have played FireRed definitely aren’t missing out on its LeafGreen partner, which shares pretty much every strength and weakness, and while the gameplay can be somewhat sluggish, playing through occasionally taxing games such as this has definitely made this reviewer a better gamer.

The Good:
+Same as FireRed.

The Bad:
-Same as FireRed.

The Bottom Line:
You aren’t missing much if you’ve played FireRed.

Score Breakdown:
Game Mechanics: 7/10
Controls: 4/10
Story: 3/10
Localization: 8/10
Music/Sound: 6/10
Graphics: 5/10
Lasting Appeal: 9/10
Difficulty: Depends on Pokémon
Playing Time: 2-3 Days

Overall: 6/10

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