My Spanish Coach

As Spanish is one of the most highly-spoken languages in the world, there’s good reason for even non-Hispanophones to learn the language to broaden their horizons. There are many tools to help most anyone learn the language, among them being Ubisoft’s My Spanish Coach for the Nintendo DS, which is a decent, if somewhat repetitive, learning game.

The game is divided into 994 lessons, the first fifty of which describe the grammatical essentials of Spanish, although most lessons dedicate themselves to learning ten new vocabulary words at a time. There are a variety of games to choose, with success in each earning the player mastery points for each word, and in order to advance another lesson, the player must fully master all ten vocabulary words a lesson offers, with three different difficulties offering different amounts of points.

The eight games include: Multiple Choice, where the player is shown an English word and must pick the appropriate Spanish word among four choices; Hit-a-Word, a whack-the-mole-type game where the player again sees an English word and must whack the moles that show the correct Spanish word; Word Search, where players must find Spanish words from a rectangular jumble of letters; Flash Cards, where a Spanish word is spoken and shown (although not on the highest difficulty level), and the player must choose the right English translation; Memory, where the player must match Spanish and English words; Bridge Builder, where the player must rearrange bricks with letters in the appropriate order to form a correct Spanish sentence; Spelltastic, where the player must spell a spoken Spanish word; and Fill-in-the-Blank, where the player must correctly conjugate Spanish verbs.

The game is fairly enjoyable, if somewhat repetitive, and is in the end a good diving board into the Spanish language. Those that master all words in the game will be happy to know that there’s an intermediate sequel to the game, and while only Europe saw its official release, the Nintendo DS is not region-coded, so gamers from any region can import away.

Overall Score: 8/10

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