Caves and Corridors

Neopets is a virtual pet website where users can create their own virtual pets, the titular Neopets, and buy items for them using in-game currency or real-life currency. They also offer a nice variety of games with which to earn Neopoints, among them being Caves and Corridors, which is a short but enjoyable Neopets game.

Players control a cat-like Kougra named Jake, who starts the game on an overworld that gets various levels as the user progresses through the game, each being a screen tall and wide stage with various jewels and gold he can collect to earn points. The main goal of each stage, however, is to collect a special piece of fruit, which ends the level and grants the player a bronze, silver, or gold ranking depending upon how many items they collected and how much time has elapsed. Sometimes the player must get silver rank or higher in most levels in order to advance, hardly a Herculean task, and in the end, aside from the lack of in-level pausing, the gameplay helps more than hurts.

Control is fairly tight and easy to get a handle of, the only real shortcoming being the lack of in-level pausing, and while players can’t save their progress mid-level, it’s hardly an issue since most levels don’t take that long to complete, anyway.

The sound effects in each level are good, and the overworld theme provides a good ambience, but there isn’t any music of which to speak otherwise.

The graphics are the game’s strongest suit, with nice animations and environments, and Jake’s character sprite appropriately reflecting his character design.

Finally, the game is fairly short, taking less than half an hour to get to the end, with plenty of replay value in the form of trying to achieve gold rank on all the levels, not to mention the possibility of getting ranked on Neopets’ top-leader scoreboard. In the end, Caves and Corridors is a solid Neopets game that hits most of the right notes with regards to gameplay and presentation and doesn’t leave too much room for improvement, although it certainly does have its flaws such as no in-level pausing and a noticeable lack of music. Otherwise, it’s a nice member of the Neopets gaming family.

The Good:
+Simple but enjoyable gameplay.
+Solid control.
+Nice visuals.
+Plenty replay value.

The Bad:
-No in-level pausing.
-No music.

The Bottom Line:
A great Neopets game.

Score Breakdown:
Platform: Neopets Website
Game Mechanics: 8/10
Controls: 9/10
Music/Sound: 7/10
Graphics: 10/10
Lasting Appeal: 10/10
Difficulty: Easy to Medium
Playing Time: Less than half an hour

Overall: 9/10

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